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Faculty Message

From the Principal, Dean & Chairman’s desk:

I am happy to know that the students of University Law College, Bangalore University, Bangalore have taken the initiative to locate University Law College on the World Wide Web. The students of the ULC have achieved success in various professional activities. This website is an example of the ULC students’ initiative in contribution to the success of the institution. I wish through this website the world is made aware of the various academic activities of the college. Wishing all of them success!


Prof.Dr. V. Sudesh

                                   Principal and Dean, Faculty of Law , P.G. Dept. of Studies & Research in Law

From the Professor’s desk: 

University Law College, Bangalore is a friendly, vibrant and highly motivated community that enjoys the reputation of being one of the most respected, admired and aspired law colleges in India. Renowned for inclusivity and an ability to educate people, we understand that the education of young law students is not only a responsibility but also a privilege. The academic curriculum along with extra- curriculum activities is the core around which life at ULC, Bangalore is built. ULC, Bangalore is committed to employing, developing and retaining the very best faculty. I trust that this website will provide you with the sense of the dynamic environment that exists at our college which makes it so special.

Dr.Suresh .V.Nadagoudar-photo -Prof.Dr.Suresh V. Nadagoudar

                      Professor, University Law College 

                      On deputation as Registrar, RDPR University, Gadag (From 14-12-2016)



 Associate Professor :


                      -Dr. N. Dasharath

                     Chairman,  P.G. Dept. of Studies & Research in Law . 


Permanent Faculty

Dr.Suresh .V.Nadagoudar-photo Prof. Dr. Suresh V. Nadagoudar M.A.,LL.M., Ph.D Professor Labour Law
VC-V.Sudesh Prof. Dr.V. Sudesh B.A.L,LL.M., Ph.D Professor Labour Law
1 Dr. N. Dasharath B.A.L,LL.M., Ph.D Associate  Professor Labour Law
1 Dr. N.Sathish Gowda B.A.L, LL.M., M.Phil, M.A PGDHRM, PGDMCJ, Ph.D Asst. Professor Constitutional Law & Business Law
Dr.Jyothi Vishwanath-photo Dr. Jyothi Vishwanath LL.M.,M.Phil, Ph.D Asst. Professor Mercantile Law
6.Photo of Dr.L.Chandrakanthi Dr. Chandrakanthi L LL.M.,Ph.D Asst. Professor Constitutional Law & Business Law
1 Dr. T. Lingaraju M.P.Ed, Ph.D  Director Physical Education
1 Smt. B G Shivakumari B.A, MLIS, M.Phil Librarian


Sl No. Name of Candidates Feild of Research Name of the Supervisor
1 Chandrashekara K L Criminal Law Dr. N Dasharath
2 Chinmayanandan E P B Criminal Law Dr.Jyothi Vishwanath
3 Jyothi C V Constitutional Law Dr.Jyothi Vishwanath
4 Sunitha B H Constitutional Law Dr.V.Sudesh
5 Dhanalakshmi C V Labour Law Dr.V.Sudesh
6 Ravindra K Rajput Business Law Dr.Suresh.V.Nadagoudar
7 K S Sathisha Constitutional Law Dr.N.Sathish Gowda
8 Sumithra R Constitutional Law Dr.N.Sathish Gowda
9 Praneshwaran V J Constitutional Law Dr.N.Dasharath
10 A Narayanaswamy Constitutional Law Dr.V.Sudesh
11 Shobha Rani V Constitutional Law Dr. Lathika Nath
12 Prasanth T M Environmental Law Dr.Suresh.V.Nadagoudar
13 Yogendra S Constitutional Law Dr.N.Sathish Gowda
14 Chethana S B Environmental Law Dr. Suresh V Nadagoudar
15 Veerabadrayya C Labour Law Dr.N.Dasharath
16 Roopa S Business Law Dr.N.Sathish Gowda
17 K G Lokesh Criminal Law Dr. N Dasharath
18 Nataraja G Y Corporate Law Dr.Suresh.V.Nadagoudar
19 Kavya Hebbar IPR Dr. Suresh V Nadagoudar
20 Shaheema A S Environmental Law Dr.V.Sudesh
21 Venkatesha N Environmental Law Dr.V.Sudesh
22 NaveenKumar H V Constitutional Law Dr. V Sudesh
23 Sujatha V Durgekar Labour Law Dr.Lathikanath
24 M S Jyothi Criminal Law Dr.Dasharath
25 K Mayilsamy Labour Law Dr.Dasharath
26 Ashwini P Constitutional Law Dr.N.Sathish Gowda
27 Shilpa M L Constitutional Law Dr.N.Sathish Gowda
28 Sumanth H M Constitutional Law Dr.Jyothi Vishwanath
29 Bhuvaneshwari S kolaki Consumer Law Dr.Jyothi Vishwanath
30 Jyothi K M International Law Dr. Jyothi Vishwanath
31 Thripura V Criminal Law Dr. Jyothi Vishwanath
32 Seema V Malaghan Criminal Law Dr. Jyothi Vishwanath
33 Kavya M. Intellectual Property Law Dr.V.Sudesh
34 Chandini N. Constitutional Law Dr.Suresh.V.Nadagoudar
35 Tito Paul Constitutional Law Dr.L.Chandrakanthi
36 Manjunatha C.G. Consumer Law Dr.L.Chandrakanthi
37 Padma J. Constitutional Law Dr.L.Chandrakanthi
38 Vani K.G. Environmental Law Dr.L.Chandrakanthi
39 Pauline Priya S. IPR Dr.Jyothi Vishwanath
40 Sujatha H.N. Consumer Law Dr.L.Chandrakanthi
41 Veada Noopura V.T. Environmental Law Dr.L.Chandrakanthi
42 Parvathi M. Constitutional Law Dr.N.Sathish Gowda
43 Guru Murthy T.N. Constitutional Law Dr.L.Chandrakanthi
44 Muniraja M. Labour Law Dr.Suresh.V.Nadagoudar
45 Ashoka Naika B.G. Constitutional Law Dr.N.Sathish Gowda
46 Lokesh Naika Constitutional Law Dr.L.Chandrakanthi